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Main Electric's Safety Program throughout Colorado and the surrounding states

Main Electric believes that everyone should return to their family the same as when they came to work. We go to great lengths to ensure that this happens. Safe workplaces are achieved through Training, Engineering and a belief in safe production. Activities are preplanned and our employees all receive the training and equipment necessary to safely perform their tasks.

Safety is not just something we say but a way of life. Our EMR suggests that the culture of Main Electric continues to be based on safe production.

Main Electric's EMR

2017 - 0.72
2016 - 0.82
2015 – 0.82
2014 - 0.95

Should you be entertaining a difficult project with numerous safety concerns, rest assured that Main Electric will Safely Complete your Job.
For questions regarding our Safety, feel free to contact Michael McCafferty, our Vice President by phone at 719-542-4114 or by e-mail at
To work with both Xcel Energy and Holcim US, Main Electric underwent an extensive certification process with BROWZ to ensure that our program, values, and credentials were to the standards required of both companies. For further information about BROWZ view their website at