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About Main Electric serving Colorado and the surrounding states

Times are tough but our philosophy remains the same. We pride ourselves on integrity and hard work. Our financial status remains solid and we continue to operate with focus on managing our expenses and securing new work. Main Electric always manages the business no matter what the economic climate and will continue to make decisions that are the best for our customers, our employees, and our Company.
Our strength comes from our people. They are the reason Main Electric has achieved such a high level of respect in the industry. Their pride in workmanship and level of professionalism has been the backbone of our company for more than 70 years.

They started in the trenches, digging to lay pipe, out in the weather, working whatever hours necessary to get the job done. Many worked a full work week and attended apprenticeship classes at night for years. They have thought hard about the work processes in which they are involved and come up with better, easier and cost-effective ways to do things, without sacrificing quality.

They have accepted, learned, and utilized new technology designed for safer, sturdier, installation and habitation. They have dealt with exacting clients, un-cooperative weather, expedited schedules, changing National Electric Codes and, perhaps, the occasional grumpy project manager or estimator.

They have a “can do” and “will do” attitude. They lead by example, which is the most effective way to instill the same skill sets, work ethic, and pride in product to successive groups of tradesmen and women.
Our employees have weathered the ups and downs of the economy over more than the past century, right along with the Company. It is these same craftspeople, in fact, who will carry us through to better times, because they continue to take pride in their work and “do more than expected” for our clients. I thank each and every one of them for their dedication, hard work and craftsmanship. They are the key to our continued survival in these difficult times. Our craftsmen and women ARE Main Electric!


Main Electric's Management Staff