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Completed Projects in Colorado and the surrounding states

Comanche Power Plant Units 1, 2, & 3

Main Electric played an integral role in the construction of unit three, as well as, the upgrades of units one and two at Comanche Powerhouse. At its peak, over 200 employees were working for Main Electric on the project. Today, Man Electric still employees a service crew at Comanche providing electrical maintenance for the facility.

Pueblo Dam

We participated in the original construction of the Pueblo Reservoir in 1970 and continue to provide service and upgrades.

WN Clark

Main Electric performed a DCS upgrade and replaced the GSU Transformer to WN Clark. This was done to upgrade emissions and bring the facility into compliance with federal regulations. Unfortunately, today the plant has been mothballed as an inefficient electrical powerhouse.

KMG Chemicals

Main Electric performed the original construction at KMG Chemical (Air Products or Ashland Chemical as you may know it). At the time, the project was one of the largest projects Main Electric had completed. The facility included clean rooms, loading docks, industrial controls, to name a few. Main Electric has provided industrial maintenance since the plants original construction. Through Main Electric's intimate knowledge of the facility and longtime relationships with personnel, we are able to provide world-class maintenance for the facility.

Colorado Green Windfarm

Main Electric participated in the original construction of 108 wind turbines located on the Colorado Green Windfarm south of Lamar, CO. Main Electric performed on site grounding for the wind towers, communications fiber optics between windrowers, insulation and termination of GSU transformers and wired the operations building. Since completing this project, Main Electric has performed maintenance for Shell energy.